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Não funcionou

Apresenta a seguinte mensagem: vídeo unavaillable - this vídeo is not availlaible in your region...

Missing in Brazil

Its missing the information that from Brazil everything past and live simply dont work. Only short videos can be seen!

Using PGA Tour Live from Brazil

It is a wonderful app but there are some problems to Brazilian users. Some time I cant see the end of games and, every time that the broadcast is a CBS simulcast it cant be received here in Brazil. I sent several emails to PGA Tour Live Support but the problem was not solved yet.

Just ok

Not exactly great value for the buck as Saturday and Sunday rounds are limited and it is not possible to watch the rounds video taped (only live) of any round - for the weekdays rounds, if one works, too bad.

nearly perfect,

if one knows how to deal with some restrictions which apply to users outside the US: get an additional VPN-tool to see the Saturday/Sunday broadcasts by CBS or the WGC events. they arent available in europe without, maybe because rights are sold to private TV.

Dont subscribe

What kind of subscription offers only Thursday and Friday rounds? SATURDAY AND SUNDAY rounds are what matters. Do not subscribe, its rubbish.

You must be joking!

No weekend coverage! Should be named PGA Tour Dead!

Worth every penny

Love this app! I dont get the golf channel so this is my way of keeping up with it. Plus the coverage is so much better and detailed.

App crashes in settings menu

The app specifies autorenewal must be turned off in settings or the trial will start billing in 7 days. However, when you try to edit the settings it asks for your PGA Live app password and then freezes/locks up. I was interested to try the Live coverage, but following one or two groups is very dull, there is a huge amount of nothingness between shots, filled by very average colour from third rate commentators. Furthermore, we are subjected to a leaderboard screen for several minutes on a regular basis. This hardly seems important on. Thursday morning! Lets be frank - this aint no TV coverage. This is OK I suppose if you are a golfaholic but marginal at best for the fairly hefty subscription price. For $2 more you get Netflix or Shomi!!

PGA Lame

Gives you zero coverage. Crappy app. Spend your money on other stuff. :(

Doesnt seem to work in Canada!

Would be a good app if it worked in Canada but thats not the developers fault. I think we can blame the CRTC for that.


Cannot view in Canada Saturday or Sunday. very disappointed as only followed two groups on Thursday and Friday. Do no recommend.


Very limited content and very poor functionality. Dont waste your money.

Great App Great Idea

Best App out there. Hope it grows in strengh and brings more Live Golf. Worth the $ !!!

Do NOT subscribe

Not sure if just in Canada. But I was hoping to see major coverage, there is no coverage at all not even Thursday! Useless.

Coverage is ok but the app is not so good...

PGA covers the games more specific (certain groups or holes through and through). One annoying issue in my opinion is that I have to modify "auto-lock" setting to "Never" because the app stops playing when the phone auto-locks. Also, the app closes when you touches the home button.

Live Region problem

in Turkey it says it does not work at your region. It is a pity


nothing to add, live is not live

Lack of weekends

Sometimes there is no weekend broadcast, only Thursdays and Fridays.

Great app.

Its very useful when the program on TV has not started yet!

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